[PHOTO ESSAY] Strolling Minds & Chasing Williams in NOLA

Interdisciplinary Art Photography

I was introduced to Tennessee Williams in a classroom during A Levels English Literature. Since then, I’ve dissected every scene he’s written in A Streetcar Named Desire and quoted his words in conversations endlessly.

I suppose obsessed is a valid descriptor but all I’m looking for is magic amid Stanley Kowalski-esque realists.

So, when I took a short trip to New Orleans, I excitedly slid on my

Streetcar-tinted glasses and welcomed the presence of a literary giant who walked this vibrant city almost half a century ago. While I chased his footsteps and his inspirations, I found other gems, as you do when playing tourist.

I compiled this as a booklet that shares with the reader photographs from the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, primarily from the French Quarter, where Williams lived. In true tourist fashion, all these photos are shot on my iPhone XS. They’re composed in a photo essay, threaded with prose and poetry.